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Did you forget your password? If you have previously verified your email address we can email your password to you. Just follow the instructions on the Retrieve Password page to have your password emailed to the latest address in our system.

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1.You are able to login using the Username and Password available through your Council or District.
2.Upon logging in you will be required to change your Username and Password to your email address. You must be able to send and receive messages from this account.
3.A confirmation code will be sent to this email address for a one-time validation.
4.You will be responsible for your own account, so it is important that only you use your email address.

For those Councils using the Trailís End System, you will be required to have at least one contact with a valid email address. You must contact your sales manager for a login in order to use the system.

The Council maintains control of the their organization's use of Popcorn Sales System, granting access to Districts, Units, and Sub-Units. If you are having difficulty accessing the system, please contact your local council.

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